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Charlene White

Charlene White is a presenter for ‘ITV News’ and ‘Loose Women’

Article thumbnail: Rear view of African American grandmother sitting on bench with little girl during ministration in church

I was raised in British-Caribbean churches – and I want the same for my kids

Whether they decide to continue that faith in their later years is up to them, but having some sort of grounding to make their minds up is important

Benjamin Zephaniah redefined what it means to be a literary great

I know first-hand the abuse faced by Black women like Nella Rose on reality TV

Article thumbnail: Grime Kids,28-09-2023,First look,1,(L-R) Bishop (TIENNE SIMON), Kai (SHANU HAZZAN), Dane (YUS JAMAL CROOKES), Junior (GABRIEL ROBINSON) and Bayo (JUWON ADEDOKUN),BBC,Hanina Pinnick TV Still BBC

Charlene White: My family have known the perils of driving while Black for 50 years

It's 2023 and getting a new coil fitted is as hard as securing Glastonbury tickets