RIP PAINT; The demise of Microsoft Paint

It is with much dismay that the world is mourning, yes it is mourning not the death of an individual, but mourning the demise of the beloved and cherished Microsoft program, Paint. In a shocking announcement by technology giant company Microsoft, the well renowned and deeply revered Microsoft Paint, a graphics software, faces the imminent threat of being removed or its development being discontinued in upcoming releases of the operating system Windows 10. A favorite for many graphics enthusiasts, Paint joins a list of other features of Windows 10 that will meet a similar fate in the fullness of time.

A chronology of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows, reveals that the graphics program has been an inseparable component of the operating system since it was first launched in 1985. Microsoft Paint is highly regarded for its touch of simplicity and elementary artistic approach.

However, much to the delight of it’s devotees, Paint will be succeeded by its enhanced upgraded version, Paint 3D.

The aforementioned list was revealed as a feature of “Windows 10 Fall Creators update,” which is projected to be launched in autumn. According to Microsoft, the programs that feature on this list will either have to be omitted, or there might be a reluctance to develop them, in which case, they will eventually succumb to removal in upcoming releases.

Furthermore, Microsoft, speaking to the BBC, has confirmed that the following programs will undergo some noteworthy changes as well:

– Mail app will substitute Outlook Express Email client.
– The Reader app will be coalesced into the Microsoft Edge.


Behind closed doors, expressions of disappointment among Paint’s fans are becoming more frequent with many resorting to social media to air their dismay. Most of these sentiments are characterized by the phrase, “rest in peace Paint,” which is now a trending topic in the halls and walls of social media.

Chaotic, the famous YouTuber, has joined the “RIP Paint” bandwagon and he is quoted as having said that Paint was perhaps one of the best things to come into existence thus far, albeit, he may have uttered these words with an ironic intent.

In a separate interview, Jim’ll Paint It, an artist who is popular for being an avid user of the program, also expressed his dissatisfaction at the move by Microsoft through a tweet. He maintains that Paint ceased to be the glorious graphics program that it used to be ever since Microsoft first “messed” with it. He considers XP on virtual machines as being the best option for his line of work. To date, he is contracted by thousands of strangers to create artwork on bizarre themes, which he does on the Paint platform. He enjoys an enormous following on Facebook with the numbers now hitting, and perhaps surpassing the 700,000 followers mark.

Mike Dailly, the games developer who is credited for the development of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings, has what might be considered an interesting remedy for the problem at hand. In his opinion, Microsoft should uplift the copyright on paint and release it into the public domain.

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