Changes At Vogue

British Vogue is going through some very turbulent times at the moment. In recent weeks, several senior figures have left the fashion magazine. There are also reports stating that the new editor, Edward Enninful, is planning to implement some changes in staffing before he will start officially his role at Vogue on August 1st.

The new Vogue editor is taking his position from Alexandra Shulman, being the first in the fashion magazine’s history to be a male editor. According to The Times publication, he is already removing “posh girls” from Vogue’s editorial team. Deputy editor Emily Sheffield and fashion director Lucinda Chambers have already announced their departure since Edward Enninful’s hiring was announced. The new editor is planning to organize his own editorial team.

Chambers was among the first important Vogue veterans to leave the magazine. While Vogue announced in May on its website that she decided to quit her position, the fashion director made a different statement. In an interview with Vestoj, a fashion blog, she declared that she was in fact fired.

In her candid interview, Chambers said that, in fact, she hasn’t read the mag in a very long time. She finds fashion clothes ridiculously expensive and not relevant for most people. According to her, most fashion magazines purposely leave readers anxiety-ridden, in order to try making them fashion items they don’t really need. Despite the fact that they already have enough fashion clothes and accessories, readers of fashion magazines are bullied to keep buying.

According to Susie Lau, Chambers’ and other senior figures’ departures from Vogue is of no surprise. From the point of view of the fashion industry, this is totally expected, being completely normal for the new chief editor to build a new team. Enniful needs people inside who are receptive to the new direction he plans for the magazine.

Lau also said to the BBC that the in the fashion field journalists and advertisers are in a close relationship that has always been a characteristic of the industry. As a fashion director, Chambers had to support the magazine’s policy that considered commercial concerns extremely important. In this context, the focus on the creative aspects has to be compromised sometimes, giving precedence to advertisers.

Changes at Vogue continued on Tuesday, July 11, when it was reported that another Vogue veteran, Emily Sheffield, announced her departure from the fashion magazine publication.

When current editor Shulman’s retirement was announced, the suggested replacement had been Emily Sheffield, which obviously did not come to fruition. Imagine that you are hoping, even expecting, that you will get the job, but someone younger and newer comes in instead. It is only natural to feel like you don’t really belong there anymore.

It is interesting to see what changes will come to the fashion magazine after August 1, when it is expected that Enninful officially takes his editor position. Since he is a great stylist, some are expecting that the Vogue fashion magazine will become much more diverse. The focus might move on to newer, younger designers working in unconventional ways.

There are already some rumors about people who will make up Enninful’s new team. There is no doubt; many changes will come to Vogue. But since the fashion magazine is a barometer of our times, the new editorial team could be a great one, according to Lau.

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