CBD Oil – A Health Supplement That’s Rich in Benefits

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is extracted from the cannabis plant – but before you worry that it’s some kind of drug, know that CBD oil is simply a supplement and can be consumed without concern for any psychological effects. With people increasingly concerned about their health, CBD oil is gaining in popularity. New Labs CBD is FDA approved for consumption by everybody, regardless of age, and can even be given to pets. 

Some background information

Before explaining more of the benefits of CBD Oil, here’s some more information on the product. CBD is available in many forms, including oil, crystalline, and powder. Sold by New Labs CBD is CBD oil and capsules that are easy to measure and use without having to worry about taking too much. Their product is the purest form of the extract, with all unwanted ingredients from the cannabis plants removed, including waxes and other plant materials. The unflavored CBD oil has no odor and is convenient to add to food, tea, or coffee.

The uses and benefits of CBD oil

CBD is best used as a supplement to your diet. You can add a small amount to a salad, drink, shake, or many other foods. Since the oil is pure and highly concentrated, just a small amount each day will do.

In terms of benefits, CBD is being used in countries like Canada as a therapeutic remedy for certain ailments. The fact that cannabis has many medicinal properties is well-known, and many states in the United States have legalized its medicinal use. CBD extract is legal in all 50 states and provides a way for the average consumer to reap the benefits of cannabis.

Once people start using CBD and seeing the benefits, they may experiment with adding CBD oil into various dishes. If you have any concerns about the right dosage or any possible age restrictions, consult with a physician, especially before giving it to children. Cookies, smoothies and ice-creams are some of the foods people add CBD oil to. If you already use other oils in your food, you can add this CBD oil without any change in texture. CBD oil can even be added to desserts. As CBD oil can break down in high heat, it should be added after cooking for best results. 

Other ways to use CBD oil

Some CBD users have reported on blogs and other posts about their experimentations with CBD oil. One person mixed CBD oil with another oil, such as coconut oil, and held it under their tongue for a few minutes. This way, the oil is directly absorbed into the blood stream. Some people also vaporize and inhale CBD oil with a special vaporizer. The temperature at which CBD oil breaks down is around 200 degrees Celsius, so it should only be vaporized with the appropriate device. Some stores sell oil specifically made for vaping, and often sell the vaporizers to go with it.

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