British Vogue Hires Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Steve McQueen to the New Editorial Team

Edward Enninful has recruited supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell together with movie director Steve McQueen as new contributing editors for British Vogue. These hires are in replacement of some long-serving staff who have left the publication. Grace Coddington, who served as the American Vogue’s former creative director, will also be part of the contributing editors.

Amid the departure of some senior figures from Vogue, Edward Enninful will officially take over from Alexandra Shulman as the magazines new editor in chief starting August 1. British Vogue, which has been a fashion icon, celebrated the enduring 25 years legacy of Alexandra Shulman. Among the high-profile veterans leaving Vogue is fashion director, Lucinda Chambers, and the managing editor, Frances Bentley. Deputy editor Emily Sheffield also confirmed that she would be leaving.

Incoming editor-in-chief Enninful is a Ghanian-born model and has served as a contributing editor to the American and Italian Vogue. He has also been the creative and style director of New York’s W Magazine. As the first male editor of the British Vogue, he is remarking the fashion magazine in his own image by making changes ahead of his start date. A series of big signings to the editorial team is part of the dramatic revolution that has seen some of Shulman’s favorites leave.

In a statement on the British Vogue’s website, Enninful said that his new team of the legendary supermodels and award-winning film director have an enormous impact on today’s culture. He was thrilled that the trio would take up these new roles. According to him, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss are among the biggest international style influencers and perfectly fit the positions. Enninful has been good friends with Naomi and Kate since they were teenagers. In fact, when the model was made an OBE last year, she went down with him.

While Naomi is a completely new signing, Kate Moss has been working with Vogue as a fashion contributor since 2013. Director Steve McQueen is an acclaimed film maker and award-winning artist. He is the director of “Shame” and the famous “12 years a slave” that won the best picture Oscar during the year 2013. Enninful is hopeful that he will bring an increased depth of art to the Vogue magazine.

Grace Coddington, Enninful former colleague at the US Vogue, has reportedly been called upon as a contributor. She is a former model who started working with the Vogue at a very young age, 19. According to Enninful, the longtime British Vogue veteran- Grace, is loved not only in Britain but globally. The successor hopes to work with her on upcoming issues

As contributing editors – it means that they have written enough articles for an online publication, newspaper or magazine and can be considered frequent contributors; though not necessarily enough for them to have a regular column. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the press release on Vogues website what exactly will be their office hours; it does not give too much detail. Given the trio’s plus Coddington’s combined star power, the fashion world is on the watch to see how their involvement will be beneficial to the Vogue.

In a post shared by Enninful, he showed the four new contributing editors for the British Vogue and termed them as the most inspiring people he knew. He also said that he looks forward to seeing the magic these icons will bring to the Vogue magazine pages and the online fashion world at large.

The transitional period has not been that smooth since the current editor in chief, Alexandra Shulman made her departure announcement earlier this year. Lucinda Chambers, who has worked for 25 years as the fashion director was fired. In an interview with fashion blog Vestoj, she admitted not reading the Vogue and described clothes the magazine features as irrelevant and ridiculously expensive to many people. She said that it is certain the new team has so much work to do. A few days later, the Deputy editor, Emily Sheffield followed suit.

This is Enninful’s second round of making changes to the editorial team, his first being appointing Venetia Scott as the fashion director. No doubt there will be more changes as the successor is also on the hunt for some other senior figures who will work with him following the stepping down of several journalists. Enninful also said British Vogue would make more appointment announcements in the coming weeks.

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