Book Fitness Junkie Launches This Week

Fitness Junkie, the new book covering the New York City fitness scene, is scheduled to be launched this week. This 300 page novel covers the story of Janey Sweet, a fashion expert turned wellness expert. The book provides an exciting and incisive look at the fitness world, from making fun of broth-centric cafés to experiencing a shamanic ritual in Brooklyn to practicing the trendy workout of the moment.

The co-author of the book, Lucy Sykes, is a fashion-world veteran with work experience at Ralph Lauren, Town & Country, and Marie Claire. She is also the owner of Lucy Sykes New York, her own children’s clothing line. Lucy explains that the Manhattan boutique fitness scene feels very strange to her British friends.

The idea behind this novel came from contemplating the New York City fitness scene, according to Lucy. In West Village where she lives as well as everywhere she went, people were wearing athleisure. This proves that this fitness trend has become now massive. Being a fashion person, Lucy realized fast that this new fitness trend is the next big thing. That’s why she decided to write a novel that covers this phenomenon.

Fitness Junkie is not just another mockery of wealthy women’s habits, following the style of the Real Housewives series. The novel contains plenty of good humor, but it is more than just a fun read. Janey, the lead character of Fitness Junkie, takes fitness classes to lose weight, get thin, and improve strength and mood. What begins as only a distraction, ultimately helps the character to figure out who she really wants to be.

People will always keep seeking something, and most of the time, that something might be just about what’s deep inside. There is spirituality in this fitness trend, a trend so massive and huge that’s clearly not going away anytime soon.

The fitness junkie scene is very much an American thing, a NYC thing, according to the book’s co-author. For British people, what’s described in the book seems so strange, bizarre and odd, so crazy and American. The Brits are not yet fitness junkies.

One character of the book develops a fitness addiction after being fat-shaming by her male boss. As a result, she starts leads to spend more time with her female friends. According to Lucy, this is another massive trend. The gym has become the new religion and church. Having a guru, taking classes and being obsessed with fitness is related to the fact that having such kind of community can make you happier. There is really no comparison between the friends you have on social media and those you have in real life. You can get access to community through classes. Now some are going to a fitness class as others go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. There, real mental and physical connections are happening and you can notice that no one brings in an iPhone.

The book proves that the fitness scene has a really transformative effect not just a way of making women more obsessed with weight loss. The fitness scene presented in this novel is empowering. And even if the fitness market is very expensive, it is creating jobs and a whole new industry.

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