Bathing Suits for Women: The Suits You Need to Suit Your Shape

Do you get overwhelmed every time swimsuit season comes around?

Whether you’re freaking out or feeling just fine, it’s going to be okay.

There are ways to suit not only body shapes but to emphasize and play up parts you like, as well as flatter areas you don’t.

If you’re not sure what you like, you can also de-emphasize and hide or play down what you want to as well.

Whether you are shopping for women’s plus size bathing suits, bikinis that are going to flatter your chest size, one-pieces that flatter your behind, or anything in between, you can find something that’s going to achieve your goal!

Don’t let the swimsuit shopping experience get the better of you this year. You deserve so much more!

women's plus size bathing suitsIf you want to have a better idea of what you should do to find a suit that is going to either make you look great or hide the things that you feel less than confident about, check out our guide and get a better idea of what you would like in terms of a swimsuit for the upcoming swim season.

Ultimately you can find a suit that is going to help you achieve what you want to do. So, without further delay at all, here’s what to do when you have these body features and what type of corresponding suits you should get..

Small Chest: For a small chest, flatter your bust with embellishments and ruffles around the tops. You can also do a bit of light padding as well.

Large Chest: For larger chests, get suits with underwire support, thicker straps, and some of those double-stitched bands. Solid colors and one-piece suits will be flattering as well (avoid strings bikini tops!).

Broad Shoulders: A solid suit with one color and printed side panels can create an hourglass figure and even out those broad shoulders. Also, use an asymmetrical neckline to draw the eye up and be very flattering.

Smaller Bum: If you have a small bum, why not maximize the chance to get a little wild? You are easily able to wear prints and all sorts of colors and two pieces.

Curvy Bum: For larger, curvy bums, boy shorts, one-pieces, and larger bikini bottoms will keep you covered exactly how you would like to be.

Athletic Body: You’re going to want to avid the bandeaus and the boy briefs. Flatter your figure with string bikini styles or something a little more. Where women’s plus size bathing suits have lots of fabric, this should be less fabric than you’re used to.

A Little Extra Side or Back Fat: Fight this feature with a bottom that’s going to give you full coverage and goes over your belly button, which should be easy to find these days if you’re searching for a bikini. Likewise, go for designs that are going to have reinforced straps, high backs, and are made of thick material

Thick Thighs: Any bottom that has extra material, like boy shorts, will help cover your thighs. Alternatively, you can make your legs look longer with a swimsuit or bottoms with large leg holes that sit above your hips. Elongating the leg balances out the appearance of thick thighs. You can also wear skirted bottoms for extra coverage. Wear a sarong too if you are self-conscious!

Short Torso: Add length by choosing halter straps and low-rise bottoms to elongate your body.

Shorter Legs: High leg cuts in suits can help elongate legs. The more skin you’re showing on your legs means that the effect of longer legs will really start to sink in.

Toned Tummy: Show it off– any suit is your friend. You really can’t go wrong, so any type of bathing suit is really going to end up being flattering in this case. But a string bikini to flaunt it never hurt.

Large Stomach: A dark navy one-piece or a peplum is going to be your friend! A deep neckline can also help by featuring your decolletage rather than your stomach area. The eye goes up and avoids your tummy area!

Pregnant Belly: If you’re concerned about stretch marks, a tankini will cover those marks without constricting your stomach like a one-piece would. If you’re comfortable with the size and appearance of your stomach, let it breathe in a tankini!

Scars: If you want to cover up your scars, suits with mesh inserts will provide protection while still looking cute.

At the end of the day, it is possible to find a suit that you think makes you look great. Even if you have not had such great luck in the past, this year is your year– so get out there and start shopping!

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